Big thinkers and big doers came together in San Francisco, California to attend Google Next ‘18–the latest Google Cloud software conference–to collaborate on ideas and open doors to the future of software, storage, and technological intricacies. These intellectuals are not to be stereotyped as all work, no play; they were also lead to the Next Fairgrounds, a utopia for their inner playful minds.

With the choice of vibrant Google-colored balloon hats, to complimentary boozy delights, and live performances, the event drew the masses to its popular 15 seat rainbow-lit ferris wheel made in collaboration with POPsocial.

Our team brought together their most creative capabilities to engineer the Ferris Wheel POPBooth. Many attendees caught their photo moment on the tablet camera built conveniently into the ferris wheel pods, finding the right angle and lighting with our illuminated beauty light. Whether it was a candid GIF, natural photo, or quirky Boomerang, the Next Fair-goers left with a fond memory to upload and share on their social media.


For VidCon 2017, POPsocial was tasked with creating the perfect social sharing moment for Awesomeness TV and Invisalign. POPsocial created a 42 foot tall ferris wheel with a selfie station on each cart at the center of the convention’s center providing fans with the best view of Vidcon as well as the ultimate selfie opportunity.